What's 50 Cent's number? The weird enquiries made to the Foreign Office - EpicNews

It’s hard to see why 50 Cent’s phone number would be a vital component of one’s time abroad but a Briton thought it was so important that they turned to the Foreign Office for help.

The enquiry for the rapper’s contact details was among the weirdest made by Britons to the Foreign Office in 2019.

Others included a complaint from a traveller about the quality of the food on his flight, and a request for embassy staff to retrieve a pair of headphones from a French hotel room.

A British couple in China who “had engaged the services of a sperm donor wanted to know if our staff could verify the nationality of the sperm as British”, the department added.

Among the honourable mentions was a caller who asked if their son could get a British passport due to the fact that he had been conceived in the UK.

A woman in Sweden called to ask what she should wear to Windsor Castle after being invited to an event there and a couple asked how removal companies managed to get large furniture into the small apartments of Lisbon.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “While we can’t hand out famous rappers’ phone numbers, collect your lost property or advise on Windsor Castle’s dress code, our dedicated consular staff are there to help Brits who run into trouble when they’re abroad.

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“Read our travel advice before you go away, make sure you have appropriate travel insurance, and if you get into difficulty, you can call the nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate.”

What the Foreign Office can do is to issue emergency travel documents, give advice on what to do if you’re imprisoned, get in touch with family and friends abroad, help you contact local services such as lawyers, doctors and translators; and help you visit people admitted to hospitals.