45-year-old Theresa Furrer, a lifelong knitter and crocheter, helps pet house owners preserve their beloved animals near their hearts by knitting their hair into clothes and equipment they will put on.

Theresa is a part of a neighborhood of artists focusing on a type of yarn spinning often called “chiengora”  – ‘chien’, the French phrase for canine, and ‘angora’, from the yarn spun from the smooth stomach fur of the angora rabbit. They principally take canine and cat hair and spin it into yarn that may subsequently be used to make smooth clothes or equipment for grieving pet house owners. The 45-year-old Pittsburgh girl says that she understands how some folks may discover her craft considerably creepy and even gross, however she isn’t fazed by it in any respect.

Woman Spins Cat and Dog Fur into Textile Yarn as a Keepsake for Their Owners - EpicNews

Photograph: 9 Lives Twine/Fb

Furrer’s expertise with making pet hair yarn started after her personal traumatizing expertise. When she misplaced her pet cat Cleo in 2012, she determined to protect her with the assistance of a taxidermist, however she ended up ready 9 months to get the cat’s preserved physique again, which she describes as very traumatic. That’s when she began pondering of different methods of preserving a chunk of your pet that wasn’t as excessive as taxidermy.

She purchased a spinning wheel, and beginning working with cotton at first, to get a cling of the method. A vegan for a number of many years, Furrer didn’t need to spin sheep wool, so she began working straight with cat and canine fur. Her first undertaking was the black fur of a Poodle, which she describes as a nightmare to work with.

“Poodle is the worst canine to spin,” Theresa Furrer instructed The New York Times. “I used to be like, ‘If I can get this poodle, I can do something’.”

At first, she at all times began conversations about her passion with “Don’t assume I’m loopy,” however most individuals actually didn’t take into account her loopy in any respect. The truth is a lot of them had lengthy been in search of companies like that, and Theresa quickly realized pet hair yarn could possibly be a enterprise alternative for her.

Lately, Theresa Furrer has three spinning wheels in her house, and as much as a dozen completely different initiatives in numerous levels of the yarn making course of. She can even wash the yarn if the shopper so wishes, and typically combine it with a supporting fiber, like alpaca or merino, to supply usable yarn. Cat hair felts nearly immediately upon contact, making it very exhausting to work with, however she has recognized options over time, as a result of she doesn’t like telling potential shoppers who’ve misplaced their beloved pets “no”.


Furrer’s enterprise, Nine Lives Twine, has produced lots of of animal hair yarn merchandise over the past eight years, with most orders coming from on-line crafts store Etsy, and from numerous animal conventions she has attended. She will be able to flip the yarn into every kind of issues, from hats and scarves, to bracelets, pillows and ‘meowmorials’ (sculptures resembling deceased pets).