When Your Driver Won’t Stop Talking About Coronavirus - EpicNews

Every time Donald Trump offers a speech, there’s a profoundly uncomfortable feeling that washes over you – a sense that’s acquainted, however arduous to position. Is it Deja Vu? Have you been right here earlier than? What is he speaking about? How is he concurrently the one that is supposed to be talking as President of The United States of America, and the one that makes all of those insane claims about windmills?

You have felt this manner earlier than, and it’s your cab driver. The one who gained’t shut up about some conspiracy principle he fell into on youtube, and the man he is aware of who verified the entire thing. First it’s Wind Power, then it’s North Korea, and now this. He can’t shut up, and you may’t transfer. And but, you can also’t look away. Time has stopped, and for the size of this automobile journey, you’re caught in a waking nightmare.

Well now you possibly can relive this ache any time you need, as a result of we’ve taken Trump’s precise phrases and rendered the scene enjoying out in your unconscious in stunning 3D animation! Enjoy!

Actor: Bryan Wieder

Writer: Ben Rosen

Director/Animator: Bryan Wieder