Man “Walks” Dog With A Drone While In Quarantine - EpicNews

As preventative measures towards COVID-19 are growing world wide, increasingly more people are staying inside. This is particularly unbelievable information for pets. They do not know what’s happening, however abruptly their people are house all of the friggin’ time. Literally pet heaven. However, stricter lockdown guidelines imply these pets are at risk of turning into simply as bored and stir loopy as their homeowners. Just as a result of pets can’t contract or infect people with coronavirus, (the strains that have an effect on people and animals are fully completely different) pet homeowners are nonetheless underneath strict social distancing orders and can’t all congregate in the identical place. So no extra human-run canine daycares, no extra pet playdates, no extra busy park visits.

One man in Cyprus, although, has discovered a reasonably ingenious approach to make sure his fluffy four-legged buddy nonetheless will get loads of train and hit the city — by having his drone do all of the “walking” for him.

By attaching his canine’s leash to the drone, Vakis Demetriou can nonetheless take his canine out remotely whereas training social distancing.

Plus, his canine appears to be like like he’s having a reasonably nice time!