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The First Time With Phoebe Bridgers

The First Time With Phoebe Bridgers - EpicNews

Phoebe Bridgers discusses Jeff Buckley, assembly Eeyore at DisneyIand and singing My Chemical Romance at karaoke within the newest installment of Rolling Stone‘s “The First Time.”

Bridgers kicks off by citing the primary time she stood up for herself: decking an older child with a dodgeball in center college. The individual would choose on Bridgers and hit her within the head too laborious. “Aggression that only prepubescent boys have,” she famous. She lastly bought an opportunity to retaliate when his again was turned. “Right in the basketball shorts,” she mentioned, smiling.

Jeff Buckey’s Live at Sin-é EP was the primary report Bridgers ever fell in love with. “I had it on my iPod Shuffle, and I listened to it when I was supposed to be asleep every night for years,” she mentioned. “I just love how you can hear in real time the audience reaction and what’s so compelling about Buckley.”

Bridgers recollects the primary time she met an idol: Eeyore at Disneyland. “That’s still probably the best moment of my life,” she admitted. “I was obsessed with Eeyore and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I think I’ve always loved complicated male characters.”

Elsewhere within the video, Bridgers remembers singing My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” at a mellow karaoke night time and being frightened to launch her 2017 tune “Motion Sickness.” “I was nervous because it’s a mean song,” she mentioned, “But I’m glad I did it.”

She additionally describes assembly her Better Oblivion Community Center bandmate, Conor Oberst, when she opened for his secret present in Los Angeles in 2016. Bridgers closed her set with “Motion Sickness” and Elliot Smith’s “Whatever (Folk Song in C).” Oberst complimented Bridgers on each of the songs, not realizing that certainly one of them was a canopy. “He’s still embarrassed about it,” she mentioned.