Liam Gallagher asks Noel to get Oasis back together for one-off charity gig once coronavirus crisis ends - EpicNews

Liam Gallagher has requested his brother Noel if he would think about getting Oasis back together for a one-off charity gig once the coronavirus crisis ends.

The Manchester band famously break up in August 2009 after Noel walked out, declaring that he couldn’t proceed to work with Liam a day longer.

Now, through the present coronavirus pandemic, Liam has taken to social media to see if his brother can be up for getting back together for charity.


“Listen seriously a lot of people think I’m a cunt and I am a good looking cunt but once this is put to bed we need to get oasis back for a 1 of gig rite for charity c’mon Noel we can then go back to our amazing solo careers c’mon you know LG x,” he tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet, Liam requested if The Smiths and The Cheeky Girls would be a part of Oasis in reuniting for the gig.

He mentioned: “All these miserable fucking cunts in bands who think there too cool for school the jam c’mon weller the smiths c’mon marr Rkid oasis c’mon noel what a gig oh and the cheeky girls what a fucking line up c’mon you know.”

He later added: “What we saying we having it or what c’mon you know.”


Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has brought some momentary light relief to the coronavirus crisis by joking that he and his estranged brother Noel have been “self isolating for 10 years.”

Taking to Twitter, Gallagher tried to reassure followers who had been going through lengthy self-isolation intervals by evaluating the state of affairs to his and Noel’s estranged relationship.

“Me n Rkid have been self isolating for 10 years c’mon a couple of months ain’t fucking hurt,” Liam tweeted this night (March 18).