Elton John urges fans to support independent record stores in passionate video message

Elton John urges fans to support independent record stores in passionate video message - EpicNews

Elton John has urged his fans to support their native independent record stores through the ongoing coronavirus disaster.

Posting a video message on his social media, the pop veteran stated that his native store, Rough Trade West in Ladbroke Grove, is his favorite, and in addition praised Sydney’s Red Eye Records.

“Everything about records are magical to me and have been for the whole of my life,” John stated.


“Record stores are so essential for the group, they’re an exquisite place to go to. The folks behind the counter are so concerned in what they do, they’re such specialists. They adore it.

“If I hadn’t have been Elton John one of the greatest things I’d loved to have done would be to have my own record store and sell records to people. It’s just something involved in the magic of it.”

John’s message was accompanied with the hashtag #LoveRecordStores, a campaign launched yesterday and backed by Paul Weller.

Elsewhere in John’s video message, he stated: “I’m all the time getting options from the employees behind the counter. It’s a part of my weekly ritual, going into Rough Trade. So support your native record retailer.


At this time of coronavirus, numerous these record stores are closed however you’ll be able to support your native record retailer by shopping for on-line. Go on-line, see what they’ve and purchase one thing. We want these record stores to keep open, they’re a significant a part of the group. They’re a significant a part of my life.

“Music is such a wonderful thing for everybody. And then when this horrible disease is done and dusted and they reopen, go there, hang out there, talk to the staff and have a ball. Go through the racks, find something you love and these places open, they’re the lifeblood of music and I adore them, and the people that work there are my heroes.”