Police in India have fired tear gas at hundreds of Delhi protesters venting their anger against a new citizenship law.

Violence erupted on the fifth day of rallying across the country, with some protesters torching vehicles and burning tyres.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government claim the new Citizenship Amendment Bill will save religious minorities such as Hindus and Christians from persecution in neighbouring Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan by offering them a path to Indian citizenship.

Protesters display placards during a demonstration against the Indian government's Citizenship Amendment Bill in New Delhi
Image: Protesters display placards during demonstrations

But critics say the law, which does not make the same provision for Muslims, weakens India’s secular foundations.

The law’s enactment on 11 December sparked widespread protests in India, with the eastern part of the country being the worst hit due to decades-long resentment towards Bangladeshi immigrants.

On Sunday, protesters including locals and students in South Delhi torched buses, cars and two wheelers.

Police resorted to baton charges and firing tear gas to disperse the protesters, according to a Reuters witness.

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Some injured protesters were taken to a nearby hospital, the witness said, though police have not given injury toll figures.

Deputy chief fire officer Sunil Choudhary said four buses had been torched in the South Delhi area, injuring two firefighters.

The Delhi fire service department sent four fire engines to the location, Mr Choudhary said, adding: “Roads are blocked we are unable to take the injured to the hospital.”

Protests all over India have continued for five days
Image: Protests have continued for five days across India
A protester displays a placard during a demonstration against the Indian government's new law
Image: A protester displays a placard during a demonstration against the Indian government’s new law

Delhi police said the situation was under control at around 7pm local time.

Meanwhile in the eastern parts of India, a highway connecting the states of West Bengal and Assam was blocked in several places on Sunday as protesters burnt tyres and demanded the law be scrapped.

Internet services have been suspended in parts of West Bengal.

Urging the public for peace, Bengal state chief minister Mamata Banerjee warned that a “section of people are trying to take advantage of the situation and incite communal disharmony”.