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Pet Python Bites, Wraps Around Owner’s Arm and Leg in Seconds

Pet Python Bites, Wraps Around Owner's Arm and Leg in Seconds - EpicNews

An enormous snake clamped onto a lady’s hand, and then tried to place a dying grip on her arm and leg in a matter of seconds … and the entire battle is on video.

Check out this gnarly clip displaying a lady — who appears conversant in the python — get attacked as quickly as she lets it out of its tank. The snake bites down on her hand and then begins to curve itself round her complete arm.

At first, she tries to maintain her cool and nearly acts as if she’s gonna deal with the sitch on her personal — however issues shortly escalated because the python wrapped itself even tighter, which prompted her to ask for assist. Too little, too late it could appear.

Just a couple of seconds later, the snake latched onto her leg and began to coil much more … which despatched the girl into panic mode — to not point out the man who’s attempting to get it the hell off of her. Amid the chaos, the video lastly cuts out.

It’s unclear the place or when precisely this occurred, or what occurred after this entire mishap — however on its face, the message appears clear … do NOT play with pythons!!!

As Indiana Jones as soon as stated … something however snakes 😬