It would have been hard for Donald Trump to find a more “Trumpy” crowd with which to spend his big impeachment night.

The president basked in the love of 5,500 followers in an arena in Battle Creek in Michigan, an area that has clearly spent big on Trump Christmas sweaters this year.

The president brushed off the impeachment drama taking place some 600 miles away in Washington.

We know he was following the developments – his Vice President Mike Pence let that slip to the crowd – but only to check on the loyalty of congressional Republicans.

“It doesn’t feel like we’re being impeached,” Trump said, to cheers in the room.

The president appeared buoyant and energised in a two-hour tour of the greatest hits of his administration. Even “lock her up” made an appearance.

Image: The Michigan visit was about winning in 2020

In the media enclosure, television monitors relayed images from the impeachment vote count in Washington, the numbers that told the story of a moment of American history.

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But few in the crowd seemed to be following it too closely at all.

Trump’s rejection of the congressional indictment was evident, as he meandered back the subject during the course of the evening, but, in truth, it featured comparatively little.

This visit to Michigan, a swing state he won in 2016, was much more about winning re-election next year than defending himself in the political courtroom.

His victory last time, the first by a Republican since 1988, caught the political word cold but it was a narrow victory, fewer than 11,000 votes out of 5.5 million.

Image: Trump was among friends, but Michigan is a swing state

How he fares next year will tell us a lot about whether America is giving him another chance.

The crowd in Michigan was his base made flesh. It is striking how well they trot out the defence talking points from the White House and conservative news networks.

It is a witch hunt, they say, a sham, a ridiculous game of politics that will ultimately go nowhere. They may be right on that last point but there is a long way to go before America votes next November.

It is harder to read what the sliver of undecided, independent voters in a handful of states make of the impeachment process. They will be pivotal.

They do believe that this process will be to Trump’s benefit in the end, that voters who had perhaps lost interest were being super-charged all over again.

It was in places like Michigan in 2016 that the warning we kept hearing, that there was a silent majority about to cause a massive political shock, became reality.

Trump and his faithful believe impeachment is just the impetus to make it happen all over again.