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Queen Letizia’s Perricone diet revealed – what the Spanish royal eats


Queen Letizia's Perricone diet revealed – what the Spanish royal eats - EpicNews

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Queen Letizia of Spain is one among the world’s most elegant royals, from her designer wardrobe to her age-defying seems to be. It maybe comes as little shock that the royal reportedly ensures she’s wholesome from the inside out by following a particular regime. King Felipe VI’s spouse, 47, is outwardly an enormous fan of the Perricone Diet, which focuses on internal wellbeing and encourages the consumption of meals that cut back irritation. The diet, created by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, additionally has a ton of anti-ageing properties and advantages for the pores and skin – signal us up!

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Queen Letizia is alleged to be a fan of the Perricone diet, famed for its anti-ageing properties

The Perricone diet is regarded as one among the healthiest in the world, specializing in long-term wellbeing moderately than weight reduction. Luckily for Letizia, the typical Mediterranean diet, wealthy in greens and wholesome oils, lends itself completely to it! Read on to learn how to get Letizia’s glow…

What does Queen Letizia eat?

The Perricone diet is packed stuffed with nutrient-dense meals and lean proteins, in keeping with Everyday Health. Freshwater fish like salmon, that are excessive in omega-Three fatty acids, ought to be eaten in abundance, in addition to uncooked meals wealthy in antioxidants akin to berries. A typical breakfast is a freshly blended smoothie adopted by an egg white omelette and smoked salmon. Food is straightforward, nutritious and above all wholesome, so salads, grilled greens and, you guessed it, much more fish are really useful for lunch and dinner.


Freshwater fish like salmon is a staple of the Perricone diet

What does Queen Letizia drink?

Followers of the Perricone diet are inspired to drink as much as Three litres of water a day – sure, that’s over 12 glasses. If the clear stuff doesn’t float your boat, inexperienced tea is really useful as a result of its antioxidant properties. And it is no shock that alcohol is frowned upon!

What does Queen Letizia snack on?

Healthy snacks like hazelnuts, plain yogurt, inexperienced apples, berries and olives are all a part of the diet.


Berries are packed stuffed with antioxidants

What meals does Queen Letizia keep away from?

Sadly for the carb-lovers amongst us, there are a lot of meals that ought to be prevented for those who’re following the Perricone plan. Refined sugars are a serious no-go, as are saturated fat, bread, pasta, beef and onerous cheeses. We may need to show a blind eye to this rule… 

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