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Outlander season 5 is effectively underway, and one of many stars of the present, Sophie Skelton, has opened up concerning the one plot line that she and her co-star, Lauren Lyle, fought in opposition to. In the present, Sophie performs Brianna Fraser, whereas Lauren performs her stepsister, Marsali. The pair strike up a friendship after Marsali helps Brianna discover her younger son, Jemmy, however Sophie revealed that this wasn’t all the time going to be the case. 


Have you been watching the brand new collection?

Chatting to Variety, Sophie admitted that the writers initially wished the pair to be at odds with each other. She defined: “I think originally the writers wanted there to be more animosity between them and we really fought against it. It’s like, c’mon, it’s a female-led show, let’s show that women can support each other and get along. So we really fought for them to be bonding as sisters. I love the scene where Marsali calms Bree’s fears. It’s a lovely moment, a nice quiet moment, getting two women from completely different time periods coming together in this really simple conversation. I like that relationship.”

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The collection launched Adso the kitten

Fans have been delighted by the brand new collection of Outlander, notably within the newest episode which launched a brand new addition to the Fraser clan, Adso the kitten! Speaking concerning the cat, one particular person tweeted: “So we finally found someone who can upstage Jamie and Claire. A cute, adorable cat.” Another added: “Well on the upside at least we’re not crying at work. Crying at home while under self-isolation instead.” Speaking concerning the cat in a behind-the-scenes video, Sam Heughan stated: “Apparently we’re going to get him a ginger wig. This is Adso, but his real name is Bear. He’s basically number one now.” 

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