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Normal People’s Marianne’s fringe has its own Instagram account – and it’s inspiring people to cut their own bangs in lockdown

Normal People's Marianne's fringe has its own Instagram account - and it's inspiring people to cut their own bangs in lockdown - EpicNews

May 27, 2020 – 14:17 BST
Kate Thomas

Normal People fever remains to be is sweeping the nation – and now Marianne’s fringe has it’s very own Instagram account, @mariannesbangs. Following on from the viral sensation that was Connell’s chain, followers of Daisy Edgar-Jones‘ luscious locks can now pore over photos of her uneven bangs in all their glory. Racking up over 5.6k followers in just some days, the account – whose bio reads ‘All hail the bangs of Marianne – has supplied us with severe hair inspiration in lockdown.


First it was Connell’s chain… however now everyone seems to be obsessive about Marianne’s bangs 

With the unhappy information that hairdressers are possible to be one of many last places to open after the coronavirus quarantine, most of us are at present grappling with wispy locks, break up ends and fading color. We may need spent an excessive amount of time watching Sally Rooney’s gripping TV adaptation, however the thought of a Marianne makeover is changing into more and more interesting!

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Before taking the plunge, HELLO! spoke to movie star hairdresser Ricky Walters, proprietor of London’s SALON64, to get knowledgeable recommendation about chopping your own fringe. Follow our straightforward DIY information under – if you happen to dare… (Disclaimer – Paul Mescal not included).

Is my hair kind proper for a Marianne type fringe?

“Marianne’s fringe is relatively heavy and includes a lot of hair so it’s ideal for anyone with thicker hair and plenty of it. It has no blunt lines really and is relatively soft. This probably will not work for those with strong curl or movement in their hair.”

Should I cut a Marianne fringe alone at dwelling?

“This guide is easiest for those who already have a fringe and just need to trim it at home. I would recommend waiting for your hairdressers to re-open or enlisting a friend to help. That being said, if your patience is wearing thin, this is how I would go about it!”


HELLO! spoke to movie star hairdresser Ricky Walters, proprietor of London’s SALON64

Step 1

“Section off a triangle shape of hair at the front of your head. The point of the triangle should face towards the crown with the other two corners of the triangle spread across the width of your face.

“This is basically mapping out the form of the fringe – Marianne’s is broad and goes simply previous the ends of her eyebrows. Once you are pleased with this, pin all of the hair not being cut safely out of the best way.”

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Step 2

“Taking simply the slither proper between your eyebrows, cut the specified size through the use of a comb as a ruler, utilizing little or no pressure.

“I would suggest going in stages, starting longer and gradually getting shorter, continually double checking in case hair jumps up. Try and use a point cutting technique if you can.”


Daisy Edgar-Jones’ fringe is giving us severe lockdown hair inspiration 

Step 3

“Having cut the first section to a length you are happy with, use this as a guide to cut the two sections to the left and right of it. You want these sections to be longer. Imagine you are cutting a half moon shape – this fringe is supposed to be long, heavy and choppy.”

Step 4

“Checking both sides are even, lift the fringe away from your forehead, directly into the air. Gently chop into the ends by half a centimetre, maximum. This will achieve the same choppy look Marianne is rocking!”


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